Global School Play Day

Play is an important aspect to anyone’s lives but especially children. February 5th is the date for an activity called Global School Play Day. My 5th period class, Online English, went outside on this date and played to rest our minds off of school and be physically active. My favorite part about that day was being able to be outside admiring the day and being able to interact with my classmates. Personally I think more teachers need to involve their classes into Global School Play Day because not enough kids are outside playing or being active. Most kids are so worried about studying or being inside on their phones that they don’t get enough activity outside. My school should take this day seriously and implement it into a day. We have 180 days in a school year and to take one out for an interactive play day wouldn’t hurt. Also for the teachers it’s less one day for a lesson plan and for the kids it’s one less day being stuck at a desk listening to your teacher talk. This quote I found explains why play is important to kids or anyone. “Play is an important part of a child’s early development. Playing helps young children’s brains to develop and for their language and communication skills to mature.” (Play is important)

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People have different points of views on play and how it is beneficial but people and kids need to realize that it is a very important aspect of our life and we need to use it to the best of our ability. With school and life it is very hard for us to grasp this idea and just drop what we are doing and go play. One of my classmates had this to say about it, “This experience makes me think of how quickly I allowed myself to grow up and how little time I have now to enjoy myself.”- Emily Szeneri  This quote really hit me and probably relates to many people. Life has come to a point where you grow up, work hard, and die. No one takes time to slow down and really enjoy life. Personally play is one of my favorite things to do. It releases all the stress and thoughts in my head and I get a good exercise. Many kids play a lot and they grow and learn a lot better socially and intellectually then a kid who sits inside playing games or doing nothing. This video shows the importance of play for kids.

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Play isn’t just about exercise and the activity it also helps with child or brain development. Kids learn simple rules, ideas, and social norms that they can apply to their everyday life. The brain learns simple symbols and ideas and allows for kids to pick up learning in the classroom a lot better. This article I read really dives deep and explains the development of the brain caused by play(Brain Development). Now teachers or schools should really take thought into this article and make a whole day worth of playing to help develop social skills among the kids and to help them learn better.

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